Friday, 17 August 2012

Ronalds been on the drink again at the RSPB ResEVE

Evening Derk
All the grass cutting at the harbour seems to be paying of (you can at least see the birds), 4 ruff, 1 little gull, 2 pintail, 8 common sandpipers, 1 greenshank,  11 knot (3 summer plumaged and 1 juvenille) Dunlin (no count as they kept shifting around) 4 Gadwall, 1 Widgeon, mallard, teal, shovelor, tufted, shelduck, 1 buzzard, black/bar tailed Godwits (not enough fingers and toes to count  them, but then i only have one finger on each hand and just two toes, courtesy of my flymow lawnmower) Common/arctic and sandwich terns. When are they going to bring back Kill Derk? And another thing you two could you please send me another crate of Baileys? Its quere stuff


Ive labelled these ducks as Pintail but we all know what they are wink wink!