Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Mountains of Mourne (not quite)

Many thanks to M.Callaghan for this very random poem! We are not sure where she gets her inspiration from!
(To the tune of Percy French’s ‘Mountains of Mourne’)

You HAVE to hum the tune as you sing along!)

Oh, Hobby, this Montaigh’s a wonderful sight
Where Chasers and Hawkers are always in flight
You may see a Red-Footed Falcon as well
Just how many raptors, no birder can tell!
At least when I see one, the word’s put about
For, such is the conscience I ne’er live without
But for all that I find there, I’ll give you a ring
As the Larry McGarrys suppress everything.

Yes, Barry and Harry, El Stinko-de-Cheese,
With Gary who does funny things no-one sees
And lately, another from sands in the East
An experienced lister called Omar Sharif
So now Little Egrets are breeding ashore
Tho’ we know the nest site’s a secret no more
But we did miss the hour they took to the wing
For the Larry McGarrys suppress everything.