Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tony Scott RIP

Its a little known fact that Tony Scott hated seagulls and it appears that his suicide note read as follows:
Why did those two have to start up that awful NIBirding Blog, Derks going to start putting hundreds of gull photos on, i just cant take it anymore, im off to the Bridge. If only they would put photos of Mallards and Swans from Inch Lake on then i would be happy! Love and Kisses Tony Scott!

But what Tony didnt know is that Raptors are the new gulls and i will be flooding the blog with photos of Hobby's and things like that! Here is the start of them, pics of one of the two (or three) Hobbys that were seen at the Montaighs over the summer. Goodby Tony you will be missed although you jumped in vain!