Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Where is Ian Dickey?

Nobody but nobody has seen Ian Dickey since he got into a canoe at Portrush East Strand and paddled off towards the Skerries. We have recieved this heart wrenching poem from a Mr Canon from Ballymena. If anyone see's Ian please ring Crimestoppers or Interpol as he is now wanting in 17 contrys for dealing in stuffed animals.

Vanishing into the space of oblivion
In earth, sea or sky?
Who knows?
Gone into the wilderness
Of the unknown.
Leaving behind;
Bewildered Friends.
Watching, waiting,
Hearts aching,
Eyes peering,
Ears listening.
Minds hoping,
The door will open,
The vanished will return.
Like the prodigal son,
The man from Jessops will say;
"Come into my shop ,
Oh! Ian, how we missed you".