Friday, 31 August 2012

Where's the cops when you need them?

'Dear NI Birding.

With the Sea Watch season upon us,I would ask that you warn your listeners to be very careful visiting Ramore Head.

Just yesterday I logged my first Arctic Skua of the day and was celebrating with a well earned 99 with strawberry flavouring (no flake, Mr Whippy just rips you off) from the van by the Tennis Courts when one of these Pointy Seagulls snatched it directly from my hand.

One might expect such a thing in Cleethorps or Skegness but never before in the idyll that is Portrush.

May I use your organ to request that the RUC begin shooting these creatures like they do in Argentina before another unsuspecting birder loses their Strawberry Duet. The peelers should flood the area and take them out with high powered rifle. They are nothing but animals, what's next stealing chips off old ladys?

With best wishes
yours in sport

Evander Holyfield'