Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Stricken Larnian


I have some extremely distressing news. I've done me back in, I shall not disclose how this injury came to happen, but my birding ways well suffer due to this unforeseen and catastrophic event. Just for a wee while though. I don't even know why I'm telling ye's this as I know ye couldnae gie a shit. Larne reports might suffer for a wee while but I did drag mesel oot the safternoon their.

Ye's'll be pleased to know I seen an Osprey heading south by Sandy Bay at aboot four o'clock. Also at Sandy Bay was a carrion crow and a wheatear. There was loads of other birds aboot as well,

Pics attached,

All the hairy to ye's,

Good luck,

The stricken Larnian.

New blog design a la nobirds

Have a look at our new blog - it only took two clicks to do. That's worth more than a tenner.

Thanks to nobirds for trying to hoodwink people into thinking they had a new website, go have a look for yourselves - you're having a laugh lads......although christ knows I actually think you're being serious as usual!!!

Up to date bird news

Well, it would have been if this was friday evening.

 28 september : 2 x buzzard, groomsport
                           1 x sparrowhawk, groomsport
                           1 x ring-billed gull, groomsport
                           1 x buzzard, craigantlet
                           1 x jay, belmont road, belfast
                           4 x mushrooms, mountstewart

Here's some perverted gull photos from Stephen Maxwell. Should be outlawed

oh aye, there was a Dark-bellied Brent Goose at Ball's Pt. Lough Foyle too.

Lanceolated and River Warbler Tory Island!

 There probably is a Lancey and River Warbler on Tory Island at the moment but there wasnt last weekend when i was on! But i did see this Pectoral Sandpiper and these are the last of the photos!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday Buff-breast news

Either 3 or maybe 5 Buff-breasts were at Myroe (make up your mind Derk!)

Spot the Moth? (or is it a seagull)

This is why Moth watchers need to get out more instead of collecting egg boxes and going out at night with davy lamps on their head. There is a moth in this photo courtesy of M.Callaghan!

Rose Coloured Starling?

 Alastair Prentice is not the man he used to be! He suffered a terrible trauamatic event recemtly! But luckily it hasnt affected his ability to take great bird photographs as these 3 photographs show! You can follow Alastair on his blog with many more photographs below:

 Check the 2nd photograph gave me a fright when i first seen it!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday night's the night for bird news

Such as 3 Buff-Breasted Sandpipers were at Myroe Levels, Co. Londonderry.(Derk Charles) (What does he do? Strip down to his y's, smear himself in tundra insects and lie prone on the turf lawn fields.?...........I think he does..... the pervert.

Speaking of perverts - look what old Ronny Ron Ron the Gull Fetishist Surgenor has sent along. Disgusting

Anyway, I'm away on the lash.

Black Brant Ballykelly Lough Foyle

 Thanks to Christine Cassidy for these 3 photos. The top photo shows one of our rarest annual visitors a Black Brant. 2 or 3 birds are seen every autumn in Northern Ireland as they arrive with the large flocks of Pale Bellied Brents (bootom 2 photos). Always a greata bird to find and see!

St Georges Market

 Stephen Maxwell told us that he was at St Georges Market last Friday and bought 3 Redshank for a pound at the fish counter. He has kindly sent us photos of the 3 birds in case anyone has had any stolen recently because £1 for 3 does sound as if they have been nicked somewhere!

Hybrid Falcon Portrush

Thanks to Neal Warnock for this great photo of the Gyr hybrid at Portrush. Neal was lucky local Taliban leader Ian Dickey was visiting relivives in Kabul!

Oystercatcher gets Engaged!

Oystercatchers are pretty mad and most of the other waders avoid them. But Brian Douglas tells us that Dorothy the Oystercatcher from Kinnegar recently got engaged, not you would think that thats mad enough but she got engaged to Sam a Bar Tailed Godwit. Wedding will be next spring on one of the Tern Islands at the Reserve. No Curlews will be invited.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bird News Thursday 27th October

In Co.Antrim: A male Hen Harrier, Buzzard and Kestrel were in the Antrim Hills (Ian Dickey)
A 2ndw Iceland Gull was at Portrush

In Co.Londonderry: A Black Brant and a Dark Bellied Brent were at Ballykelly (Christine Cassidy)

In Co.Mayo: The 1st Yellow Browed Warbler of the Irish autumn was at Tarmon Hill Bellmullet, 8 Lapland Buntings were also seen (Dave Suddaby)

And now for something a little bit different

A Nobirds Committee outing to the Bann Estuary.....
Thanks to Edward Carson for this one (it is a real name honest!)

North Coast photos

Thanks to Neal Warnock for these photos from last weekend. The Glaucous Gull is the summering bird at Ballintoy and the Chough and the Larry McGarry are from Rathlin, The Larry is the first island record!

Ken Cleggs Back Garden Photo

Ken's house backs onto the Qouile Pondage at Downpatrick.....

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bird News Wednesday 26th September

Bird news at long last!

In Co.Antrim: The Glaucous Gull and 7 Twite were at Ballintoy Harbour (Ronald Surgenor)
 A peregrine falcon, sparrowhawk, white wagtail and 3 ravens in whitepark bay.

In Co.Down: 11 Arctic Skua were at Grey Point near Bangor. I bet there was a lot of attempted stringing going on! Fair play lads for calling out multiple Wong Tails!

 Here's some perverted gull photos from Ronald - what a sicko he is. Gulls. What next?! Prince Harry's todger?!