Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Grey Phase Gyrfalcon Giants Causeway

What a run Northern Ireland is having with rare raptors! Multiple Nobirds Rough Legged Buzzards including a June juvenile, Nobirds Sakers all over the show, Nobirds Goshawks at everyones bird tables, Nobirds Honey Buzzards and a lovely August white phase Gyrfalcon (anyone else think its a hybrid from the pictures, i do!) Stephen Maxwell went and found a NIBirding Grey Phase Gyrfalcon at the Giants Causeway. Its unringed, fully winged and didnt allow a close approach, the closest Stephen got was 2 metres. Whats next me thinks maybe a Tawny Owl, no cant have that Nobirds had one of those last year!! OK then it has to be a "Hawk" Owl! Only a matter of time now