Thursday, 13 September 2012

Gyrfalcon Nobirds Style!!

 Meet Myra who is otherwise known to her friends as "The big fat yolk with talons!" She lives on the North Coast with Sammy. Sammy takes her out for a fly about every now and again because the scenery on the North Coast is fantastic and Myra loves visiting World Heritage Sites wherever she goes. She also loves to appear on Flapline! Naughty Myra and naughty Nobirders for reporting escapes, just when will they ever learn! Myra also loves shopping and gloves are her absolute favourite! She also loves taunting Nobird birders who went to twitch her (they know who they are!! and so do we!) Whatever next for the Nobirders, Red Tailed Hawk? We may be able to help them out there as well!