Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hello Mr Derek ... what about ye?
The Boys have gone back to East Belfast, the stock of Honey Buzzard is 
depleted and things are getting back to normal.
Before they left one of the Boys came up to the bar and said that he 
would like a Sandy Row Special. I asked him what it was and he replied " 
A monk by the neck ". The rest of the Boys fell about laughing at this 
point. I am not understanding Ulster humour yet.
Mr Derek I have been reading with interest the posts on the blog and 
there seems to be a bit of confusion about whether a Gyr Falcon could 
have been a Glaucous Gull or a Fulmar Petrel.
My brother-in-law Demiralp has been giving some thought lately about the 
Gyr Falcon and he has designed a special pair of goggles that can 
quickly and easily identify any species of raptor whilst capturing a 
jpeg image on the internal memory card.
Do you think that there would be a market for such goggles in the Six 
I attach a photograph of myself taken in the 'shap' today modelling the 
Must dash Mr Derek as I am ' up til my oxters ' in chest and nasal hair 
Keep her lit!