Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ian Dickey joins the Taliban

Hello Infidels
I have decided to join the Taliban and the Mujahadeen in the holy war against the infidel goverment in Stormont. I want to establish Shiria Law on the Skerries. How refreshing it would be if once just once they would explain what they are fighting the Taliban for? Its a Holy War and i will wage war from the Skerries
I have been guided by 3 principles my whole life
First, speak the truth. No more smoke and mirrors on the Nobirds Bird Report 2007 / 2012. No more empty promises.
Second. Free wine
Third , i cant remember after all the free wine!

I will leave you with a poem that i wrote after 3 bottles of white and 2 reds.

"I stoned him with the stones of light tears / then I hung my sorrow on the gallows.… / It might have been the wine of your memory / that made my heart drunk five times."