Monday, 8 October 2012

Another New Species for Northern Ireland

So there we were me and yer man Ed. And there was this other thing. Some wee tiny thing I forget what it was and then there it was. And it was some oul thing called the something something something Scrobipalpa instabilella which, when ye look at it, was another new thing for Northern Ireland. So there ye have it. And all the rest of it. That's the sort of thing that can happen because , ye know, ye've eyes in yer head ye see. And that's an easy thing to forget. So it is. Sure, where would ye be without yer eyes? Mind there's some that never had eyes. In saying that they still have eyes, so the do. Although at the same time ye would get them that's never had eyes or even them with only one. Although that might not be as bad. Better than none so it could be. Sure what can ye do? Well, that's two species new to Northern Ireland in one day so it is. So there ye are now.

Confirmed by Brian Elliott - Scrobipalpa instabilella - leaf mine on Sea Purslane. Murlough NNR Moth Species No. 517