Monday, 22 October 2012

Bird News Monday and all that

It's come to this has it? I'm back doing the bloody bird news? Well thanks very feckin much Der. I won't forget this you gull stroking fiend!!!

So here we go - the bird news is......

there is no birdnews. Surprised? I'm not. Birds are so old hat they're like Jamoriquai. Remember him? What a dick. No, no bird news here so you can all go home. Oh alright then but I'm telling you it wasn't worth the wait.

In Co. Down:
A female Merlin was at Newcastle Harbour (D. Bailie)

A flyover Pink-foot came in off the sea at Murlough NNR (some bloke with a strawberry blonde beard)

Told you it wasn't worth the wait. For all you foreigners out there here's a picture of the irish subspecies of Green Finch Carduelis chloris tuberosum complete with guinness, clay pipe and belt buckle shoes. So it is.