Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Bird News Tuesday 9th October

You may have noticed that there was no bird news yesterday. Equally, you probably didn't care. Myself, I was pre-occupied with an intruder in my house. I heard some scuttling and scratching about downstairs and decided to investigate. It was dark and although I ran down the stairs I wasn't quick enough to catch the culprit. All I could see was the silhouette of a person running out my back door and disappearing into the garden. At first I thought it was Ken Clegg stealing my biscuits again but I was nearly sure I caught a distinct outline of a moustache.
I must be going mad but I'm beginning to think Derk hasn't went on holiday at all - he's living in my back garden. Sure enough when I checked the fridge somebody had eaten half a pound of butter and there was a hole nibbled in the bag of dog food at the back door. Those are two of Derks favourite things (along with the Cliff Richard's greatest hits)  - I can't prove it yet but Big Betsy is loaded and I should be able to bag him this evening. Oul Derk will look quite good mounted above the fireplace. On second thoughts that would mean I'd have to look at him every evening. I'll just feed him to the chooks.

In Co. Down
4 Jays were at Seaforde (Ranking Trevor)
In CO. Cork:
3 Yellow-browed Warblers, 10 Sooty Shears and a Pom Skua were at Cape Clear. ROsefinch was about too.

Here's a pick of some sort of unidentified bird taken by Supreme Biscuit Thief Ken Clegg. He feeds it on caramel shortcake.

In the absence of any breaking news check out this wildlife documentary by Mogwai.....