Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bird News Wed 10th

Not much about today - apart from a definite sighting of Derk in my back garden around 7.45. I took a couple of shots but the light wasn't right and when I went to check the traps the clever swine had been able to make off with the cheesestrings without springing them. No worries - I've dug a pit to catch the brute in - lined with sharpened sticks which I've wee-ed all over. How he got out from under the floorboards of my house is beyond me but then again Derk's are known to burrow long distances and some make nests at least 3 metres underground. It's a shame really but rat poison doesn't seem to work on him anymore , he must have built up a resistance to it. If all else fails I can always ring the CIA tell them there's a wedding party or schoolbus filled full of children in my back garden and they'll send along a drone.

In Co. Londonderry:
5 Buzzards, 1 Merlin, 230 Sanderling, 1 Little Erget and 107 Whooper Swans all around Lough Foyle, Seacoast Road area .
A Curlew Sandpiper and a pair of Gadwall were at the Barmouth, Castlerock (Christine Cassidy)
Thanks to Christine for these pics!


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