Sunday, 7 October 2012

Deed Unknown Burd

From the Larnian......

"Here, hae a wee look at this deed burd and see if ye know what type it is. I've been searching like something demented trying to i.d. it but the beak is leading me nowhere. Found it lying on the grass at Sandy Bay in  June. I doubt Mothboy will even look at it but I know that my good aul gull chum will have a wee stab at it. Gavin"

Well Gavin - you're in luck. Derk is on his hols (or maybe not?)so I can solve this mystery for you. It's a Black Rustic. And I won't even charge you for it. Anyway, I'm away - I just seen some kind of strange mammal with a moustache creeping round my bins.