Monday, 8 October 2012

Joe Lilt

Thanks very much Miss Ria White for this photo taken at an NIBirding Executive Meeting. It shows our president Joe Lilt relaxing after a little shot of Heroin. Shortly after we voted to make a new blog and call it NIBirding Pictures, then re-design our blog by two clicks and claim it is completely new, then take £10 of the stupid people, charge everyone 10p for virtually no bird information, vote on committee members who dont even live in the country and rip off other peoples bird information and send it to goverment authorities and get paid for that. And its all done in the "worst possible taste". I miss Kenny Everett. I also miss the real committee meetings I used to attend with the nobirds - there was this guy there, I can't remember his name Larry or Harry something stupid like that and he used to tell the best jokes. He was really funny. That's it, his name was Barry - funny guy. Very funny guy.....up until the point I ran out of drink and then he turned into a weird wee mole-like creature wearing clothes. Kind of like Wind in the Willows - there was one who looked like a frog, one that looked like a badger, another looked like yer man Barry and there was a supporting cast of weasels and stoats. Ah, those weren't the days