Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My New Friend

I've tried to be friends with Derk. I've been really nice to him - I've let him drive me about, let him lend me money and he's allowed me to take a free dig every once in while to remind him what it was like when he was training to be a Jesuit.
To be honest it's too much like hard work and he really doesn't have a personality. I've had far more interesting conversations with my new friend - he's called Kevin the Red Line Quaker

Kevin likes poetry. Derk likes gulls. Kevin often discusses anarcho-syndicalism and how different the spanish civil war might have been if not for German and Italian belligerence. Derk is worried about grain price increases impacting on how many loaves he can afford to toss around Killybegs. Kevin is absolutely loaded so doesn't care. Derk believes in a omnipotent Common Gull that might strike him down at any moment. Kevin is an atheist. Kevin will drop in of an evening then stagger off home after a few jars. Derk is hiding underneath my floorboards. I don't know how to break it to Derk but Kevin will be writing most of the stuff on this blog from now on.