Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Nuclear testing at Portballintrae

Proof if proof were needed that the British Goverment are testing nuclear missiles off Portballintrae. Robert Oppenheimer recently bought a Condo in the village and could often be seen in the local hotel pouring over designs and drawings and by day his blinds are kept shut and locals say they could often hear drilling comeing from the garden shed. Then on the 16th of July this year there was an almighty bang (and it wasnt one of the local wife swapping parties) and a white blaze shot into the still dark skies. The light travelled at 360 feet a second and locals thought that Joey Dunlop was not dead after all. It appears that the British Goverment plans to take out the Skerries.
Thanks to Colin Guy for a picture of the local radiation riddled gulls!