Monday, 15 October 2012

Species no.519

Here we go - Scrobipalpa nitentella, as confirmed by somebody who knows just about all there is about micro moths (it's handy if you're a person who knows somebody who knows about these things). I think it's time for another......'Get     In      Therrrrrrrrrre !!!!!!!'

Interestingly, acute observation of the larva saw the individual caterpillar migrate toward the tomato and garlic bread (pan y tomate....or pa amb tomaquet, to catalan nationalists...............the italians invented it) from approximately 1945hours under artificial light conditions and have a nice hearty meal albeit with garlicky breath that toothpaste can't remove in the morning.

Add to that Kenny Murphy identifying Epinotia caprana 'taken' by me and an undisclosed national moth recorder at an undisclosed site on 17/08/2012. Dah Dah Daaaaaah............!!!!! -

....Well, that makes it 520 species of moths for Murlough NNR. That makes me happier than finding a 1st for the western palearctic. It does. It really does. You might say 'get a life, dude'. Turn on, tune in, or poo away off is all I can say, man. 520 species - Pretty good but still maybe only equal to a certain garden owned by a certain dedicated long-standing moth-guru moth trapper in northern ireland.  
Time to play the joker and add in the 22 species of Lepidoptera recorded at Murlough. 542 - Beat that!***'

***(offer only open to selected designated sites in northern ireland or K. Murphy's garden - no refunds)