Friday, 12 October 2012


......of sorts. I managed to corner Derk at the back of the duck pond - when it came down to it I didn't have the heart to finish him off so I just shot him in the leg. We've come to an arrangement though - I've agreed to let him live in my back garden until he sorts himself out. It'll be a long haul, we all know that, but you have to give people a chance. Derk has wasted the greater part of his life looking at gulls and you can't expect the wretch to change overnight.
I've agreed to stop poking him with a stick in his gunshot wound and Derk says he's going to try really, really hard this time. In an act of pity I've left him out a plate of cat food and some Sunny Delight - his favourites. Poor Derk - he's going through a tough time.

Anyway - I saw this moth last night. Maybe somebody could identify it for Derk?