Friday, 30 November 2012

Pipecock Jackson

We have an admission to make here at Radio NibirdingFM - it's not really reggae week. It's Lee 'Scratch' Perry week - broadcasting to you from underneath a hail of bricks in Portavogie Harbour. Here's a Lee Pipecock Jackson Perry song about the publication of the new nobirds report.

Bird News Friday 30th November

In Co.Londonderry: 2 Waxwing were in the hedgerow opposite the Elk at Creagh, Toomebridge, Lough Beg.(D.Charles)

In Co.Antrim: 20 Waxwing were near Ballymacash Lisburn (T.R,W.V)

Siberian Chiffchaff photos!

 For all those twitchers heading to Craigavon to tick off the Siberian Chiffchaff here is what it looks like! This isnt the bird but a recent bird in Donegal, they look almost identical! It is tickable! And its not a Putative!! Its the real thing and has ccome from Siberia which is a long way away although we think those guardians of our bird records the Nobirders should be sent to Siberia, putative indeed!

Friday Treat

Its an Ian Dickey special and is taken near the North Pole!

Waxwers Carrickfergus

 Thnaks to Cecil Henning for these Waxwing photos from Prospect Road in Carrickfergus. Cecil says they come down to his driveway to drink and then bugger off! Cecil thinks they do this because Prospect Road in Carrickfergus is crap.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Radio NibirdingFM Again

Hello true believers and welcome to a dread a dread a dread version of NibirdingFM - broadcasting to you from a fish crate in Ardglass Harbour. No sign of any Ivory Gull - about the only White Belly Flying Rat that hasn't turned up here. Good Grief, that's another segue.....this one's dedicated to King Stilton, the man with the stinky in his winky. You a worse than a crow. Yaaaaadee Yadee Yadee Ya!

More from The Master

This is Radio Nibirding calling - Listen up all you beeny-bopper McGarrys - let this song be a lesson to you. Let this song educate you. McGarry is a baldhead and Jah Jah ah Natty Dread - doesn't get any clearer than that. Ah!!! Top Ranking!


The SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF found by Neal Warnock on Sunday has been refound in the same area of Craigavon Lake North this morning by Dave Allen and Clive Mellon.

Sausage Time!

Thanks to Robert Taylor who tells us the crows round his part of time are much harder than those poncy Wotsit eating Jackdaws in Ronalds part of town. They feast on raw meat, mostly sausages stolen from the Denneys delivery man!

Portmore Lough RSPB Reserve

If you have a half day free Portmore Lough RSPB Reserve is a place you must visit at this time of year. The fields and meadows surrounding the reserve often have sizeable flocks of Golden Plover, Redwings and Fieldfares. From here on in until spring flocks of wild Swans and Geese concregate and careful scanning in recent years have produced goodies such as Bean and Snow Geese. Around the new Observation buildings and toilet block must be the best place in Ireland to waatch and observe Tree Sparrows. The feeders and trees here are fantastic for the Sparrows as well as numerous Tits and Finchs and its a good spot for Bramblings as well. The Meadows between here and the lake at the moment have 3 Stonechats which are an uncommon inland species. Thanks to assistant warden Amy Burns for this Stonechat photo.
To scan the lake a telescope is preferable but you can walk down the new trail to the hide and this is the best location in Northern Ireland to find Smew and a spanking male Smew has been returning now for a few winters. Its also one of the last locations to see Ruddy Duck but they can be hard to see lurking in the reeds. Ring Necked Duck, Lesser Scaup and Green Winged Teal have all been found in recent years so keep your eyes peeled. Raptors are always a feature of winter with Sparrowhawk and Buzzard omnipresent but a Marsh Harrier is possible!
Call in and say hello to the staff, you will get free Whiskey and Battenburg cake! OK the last bit was only a joke but you will get a very warm welcome and they will fill you in on everything you need to know about Portmore Lough!

Pip pipity pip!

Thanks to John Mackle for more Pipit photos! Anyone getting bored yet!! Im not!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Committee Member No.199

Remember how shite British Telecom were?

Committee Member No. 99

Radio NibirdingFM

Welcome once again to Radio NibirdingFM - broadcasting to you from a punt somewhere in Dundrum Bay. It's dark out here but if you follow the floating beer tins you'll find us no problem. You'll be able to tell us from all the other pissheads floating out here by the serious tunes kicking out of our punt as it's Reggae week on Radio NibirdingFM - lick it up!!!

Here's a pic from Stephen Maxwell - Divisional Commander of B.R.A (Bombycilla Relief Association). I'd have much preferred an in focus shot of the Grey-bellied Brent Goose in the background but there ye go, that's these anarcho-syndicalist-maoist-lefist-conservative terrorist groups for ye! Splitters!

He's a bit of a right-wing-communist-hippy for my liking old Stephen, I quite like Waxwings. On the other hand he might have a point - what are all these Swedish-types doing over here eating all our berries? I mean, I'm all for, hold on I'm not. Or am I? I do like cheese and most European countries seem to do that quite well, that's true. Apart from Germany and Holland (although mature gouda is nice, right enough, but it's just dutch cheddar after all. I suppose all cheeses are just types of cheddar. Manchego - spanish cheddar.  camembert - sloppily made sloppy french cheddar). I should stop slagging off over countries' cheeses - a surefire way to start a new Cheese War. What? you've never heard of The Cheese War? Look it up on wikipedia - cost billions and several thousand people got Stiltoned. Back to Scandinavians - I've never really had any Swedish cheese, mind you I've had Jarlsberg (norwegian cheddar) and Edam. Hold on a minute, that's Dutch isn't it? Aye, Dutch. It's not to bad. Ok I take back what I said - only Germany does bad cheese. If any German listener would like to post me some of their cheese I will gratefully accept it in my mouth. Can I say that on the Radio? No, I will be thankful for their package. No. I'll stop there. Back to the Swedes, why does it always come back to the Swedes? -  whether it's evening meals of turnips, which are actually swedes dependent upon which part of the British Isles you live in, or Swedish Cheese. They seem to be taking over the world.....or did seem up until that time when everybody stopped noticing them. And what do the swedes have to say to all this 'You won't be laughing at us when you're looking for a cup of reindeer milk at 3 o'clock in the morning'. Which doesn't sound plausible but when you think about it Swedes would be up at time in the morning if they lived up where the reindeers are. Ok, this is getting confusing and it's time for a song - if the Waxwings were able to bring me a bit of cheese then I'm all for them. Looking back on all I've just said.....oooooh, looking back. You could do an awful lot of looking back if you were in a black hole apparently. So they say, but is it true that in a black hole you'd be able to look at yourself entering the black hole which would mean that when you entered it you might be able to see yourself? Looking back and forward at the same time? Black Holes......Black Ark, of course. Only intelligent people will be able to see what I've done there. It's what we in the radio broadcasting business like to call a segue. Whatever happened to segues? Here's some Lee Scratch Perry as requested by Paul Buckley...........

Your B. R. A. Needs You!!

B. R. A.

Statement from The President of BRA

"The recent irruption of Bombycilla garrulus amongst the tree-lined avenues of East Belfast has 'got my goat up'. How dare these flighty Scandinavians cross the North Sea in their thousands and ravage our berry-laden branches!
 A local group of Methodist Young Wives has been active around Ballyhackamore lately blowing whistles and making sure that these waxies have no place to land on the Earlswood Road. They rightly point out that we should be looking after our indigenous population of passerines and are currently designing 'Lards out for the Tits placards' for the mass rally to be held at Victoria Park on Saturday.  The ladies have approached BRA and have asked can they form a Tit Support Group within our organisation. All very uplifting in this time of crisis! " 

Bird News Wednesday 28th November

Waxwings Waxwings everywhere!!

In Co.Down: 24 Waxwings still at Ormeau Bridge Belfast this morning (Ronald Surgenor)

In Co.Londonderry: 17 Waxwings were at Crescent Link in the city opposite M+S! (Christine Cassidy)

In Co.Galway: An American Coot was at Ballyconnelly (Dermot Breen)
This is the 3rd Irish record after birds in Cork and Mayo

Dead Pig!

Although it looks as if it didnt die in vain! Cant remember who sent us this photo but its class!

One or Two?

 Just how many Buff Bellied Pipits are at Tyrella! Sam Nelson has sent us these photos of two different pipits to see if we can help him decide. We think they are both Meadow Pipits, the dark legged race!

Shockingly bad photos of American Golden Plovers

 Two of the four American Golden Plovers that were at Myroe recently. As you can see i didnt get a new camera for my 25th Birthday!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bird News 27th November

In Co.Down: 90 Waxwings were near the Ormeau Bridge in Belfast (Roving reporters Geoff Campbell and Ronald Surgenor)

No sign of the buff-bellied pipit(s) today, not many pipits about. 2 red kite opposite the Tyrella car park. A very rough count of a minimum 1400 black scoter off Ballykinler, 7 red-throated divers.(Dermot Hughes)

Amazing Chaffinch

 Thanks to Andrew Poots for these great photos of an amazing looking bird. It has been visiting Andrews garden in Co.Armagh for several weeks but it is extremely elusive and makes only very sporadic appearances.It is in a private garden with no access.
 It looks similar to an African Chaffinch and a couple of similar looking birds have appeared in Ireland in recent years and what they actually are is hard to asertain. African Chaffinch is a sedentry species and is a very unlikely vagrant to Ireland. But it is a fantastic looking thing and thanks to Andrew for shareing

Bollocks to Bra

Sam Nelson loves Waxwings and hates Bra's ever since his mum used to dress him up as the teenage sister he never had. Sam has promised us many more photos!

Late bird news from Monday!

In Co.Down: One of the Buff Bellied Pipits was still at Corbetts Beach. A Larry McGarry was also seen (John Edwards)

There was no sign of the Siberian Chiffchaff at Craigavon North Lake but lots of habitat for one to hide in so worth a look if your in area and want a NI tick!

Monday, 26 November 2012

It's not a Waxwing!!

It seems there has been a flush of new-members to the little known grouping going by the moniker of BRA - Bombycilla Relief Association. Thanks to Mark Killops for this buzzard pic

Bombycilla Relief Association

Thanks to Stephen Maxwell for forming the splinter Nibirding group of BRA - Bombycilla Relief Association. He's come to the rescue with these non-waxwing-related pics.

Here's some music to show my age, music to watch waxwings by.....