Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye to 2012

Yes Goodbye to 2012, it was a great year, Andrew found a Moth from North America, Wally reached 200 species in NI, Dave and Orcilla got 14 years in prison, Ian Dickey and Ronald Surgenor got hoofed out of the Taliban for being too hardline, Stephen Maxwell became Jimmy Saville and the McGarrys......... well they just remained the McGarrys!

Sad end!

 Yes its now the end of the Buffy photos, i have no idea what we are going to do next year!  Lets hope its a big gull season or we are snookered!

The Moon!

 Thanksto Ronald Surgenor for all his photos during the year and he signs off with a couple of classics. Ronald lives on the moon most of the year! (along with us!)

Its the End!

 Sadly its the end of the Waxwing photos for this year, unless someone sends us some tonight! Thanks to Paul Forde for thse photos from Carrickfergus.

Thanks Ian

 I would like to thank Ian Dickey for his support this year and his wonderful images.Here are a selection of Ians photos that we havent used so far! Thanks Ian!

Siberian Chiffchaff

 Yes its another NIBirding clearout, this time its the end of the Siberian Chiffchaff photos courtesy of Majella Callaghan!

Waxwing overload!

 Thanks to Phillip Wilson for these fine photos, Phillip is from Newry.

Favourite Photo of the Year

Ive been saving this one until the end of the year, its an absolute cracker by Ian Dickey showing a baby Whinchat getting its lunch! Class!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Alas poor Derk.................

Derk's recent missives were sent from the clinic he attends annualy to ensure he isn't still "chasing the Imperial Eagle".

He had just returned to the real world after many years of treatment when the Kildeer turned up in Fermanagh.
Many of us remember that poor pathetic creature, still shaking, trying to get some pictures on his Box Brownie.

We all tried to help and encourage him as an aid to his permanent recovery. We told him his pictures were very good, but look where that has got us:-

Millions of crap pictures of crap gulls. All sorts of odd stuff he downloads in the dead of night when normal people are sleeping and then photoshops to present as his own.

We still have to publish it all as we would feel forever guilty if he fell off the wagon.

I call on all decent minded birders to help support him and keep him away from the dreaded NOBIRDS as that would surely push him over the edge and back to the demon "Imperial Eagle".

Don't send money as it would only be wasted on Veda.

Thank you all in advance for your continued help.

Committee Member No 249

Buff Bellied Pipit

 Its not the end of these, lots more to come, i wonder how many photos of these the McGarrys posted? Im sure it was more than one or maybe two, those guys are wild, just no end to their talents!

Waxwings at Dusk

 Inspired by Ronalds great Starling photo here is my effort "Waxwings at Dusk" Pretty crap to be honest but its ssomething different!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Murlough 2012 Highlights

Thistle Ermine, first for Northern Ireland

Scrobipalpa instabilella, first for Northern Ireland

Coleophora atriplicis, first for Northern Ireland

Dioryctria simpicella, first for Ireland (pic by John McClean)

Hypsopygia glaucinalis, first for Ireland.

 and finally.....the biggee Stephens' Gem, first for Ireland (pic by Dave Allen). Not a bad year really

Dave Hadrick is Bonkers

Dave Hadrick is bonkers, its official. Dave has never seen a Killdeer in Northern Ireland, he hasnt even seen a Treecreeper! He wasnt standing beside me when i took these photos, i was in a rowing boat in Lough Erne when i took these so Dave is talking out his hat. Anyway its the end of the Kildeer photos as well, dont know what we are going to do next year! Have to up the McGarry bashing no doubt.