Friday, 28 December 2012

Alas poor Derk.................

Derk's recent missives were sent from the clinic he attends annualy to ensure he isn't still "chasing the Imperial Eagle".

He had just returned to the real world after many years of treatment when the Kildeer turned up in Fermanagh.
Many of us remember that poor pathetic creature, still shaking, trying to get some pictures on his Box Brownie.

We all tried to help and encourage him as an aid to his permanent recovery. We told him his pictures were very good, but look where that has got us:-

Millions of crap pictures of crap gulls. All sorts of odd stuff he downloads in the dead of night when normal people are sleeping and then photoshops to present as his own.

We still have to publish it all as we would feel forever guilty if he fell off the wagon.

I call on all decent minded birders to help support him and keep him away from the dreaded NOBIRDS as that would surely push him over the edge and back to the demon "Imperial Eagle".

Don't send money as it would only be wasted on Veda.

Thank you all in advance for your continued help.