Monday, 17 December 2012

Bird News the weekend!

 Not much new bird news over the weekend, it was all the same Waxwings, Brambling, Little Gull, Snow Buntings etc. The only new news was of a Nobirds "putative" Meally Redpoll at Oxford Island. What is going on with them and this putative? They seem to have adopted this word for some unknown reason, maybe its a winter word they use for the winter season? And anyway they are the boys who are there to educate us and tell us what these birds are. They have a records committee of people who are elected and some who are not elected who tell us when a rare bird is a rare bird! So tell us nobirds just what is it? Putative is a cop out! If someone sent me that great photo of the Redpoll at Oxford Island it would take me exactly 5 seconds to tell them what i thought it was!

No problem with these cuteys however, they are "putative" Snow Buntings and the fantastic photos have kindly been sent in by Christine Cassidy!