Monday, 24 December 2012

Extract from The Nobirds Recipe Booklet

(In conjunction with Putative Birds)



Putative Birds Nest Soup

The nest of any bird on the Nobirds putative list. (i.e. not found by one of the elite)

Cooking time is indeterminate as the nest can be of any size.

Plunge into boiling water with little or no seasoning.

No Taste in particular so should go down well in some quarters.


Black Duck a l’orange

Served with seasonal vegetables this can be a delicious meal.

Patience is the essential ingredient as the time needed to catch the duck in Ward Park whilst avoiding the NOBIRDS patrols can be interminable.

Bored with waiting? Go to local take away for Crispy Duck.


To finish

Nobirds Report Surprise………

Yes. You are right. The surprise is “There isn’t one”.