Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Real Gull Free Zone

If you see a message, email, text or post from Derk Charles please ignore it. This will save embarrassment on behalf of the aforementioned sufferer. Derk is having a rough time lately, as evidenced by his countless forays to Killybegs to see gulls that he could just as easily see off the end of Ardglass pier. You see, apparently Derk is suffering from several, as yet poorly described, conditions relating to the fact that he thinks he's a seagull. The boot of his car is filled full of empty tins of mackerel that he throws out for himself at the East Strand car park at Portrush. He hops about with a plastic bag on his head and eats the mackerel off the ground without any hands. Then he jumps on the bonnet of his car and poops on the roof. The unanimous opinion is that he's making it all up and just doing this to impress his girlfriend. Given that seagulls are considered vermin Derk is no longer protected by the European Convention of Human Rights and shrewd businessmen have spotted an opportunity to have him stuffed and put on display beside John Merrick.  All is not lost however as a plan is being hatched to put six bantam eggs in the wardrobe in his bedroom - after a few days Derk will hopefully be overtaken by an irresistible urge to incubate and the social services can load the whole lot onto a flatbed truck and take him to a specially prepared area at Dargan Road where all old gulls go to die.

Poor Derk, they might even have to put him down. Anyway, here's something that definitely isn't a gull from Ken Clegg.

Gull Free Zone

We have decided to make the Blog a Gull Free Zone (at least for one day) and to celebrate we have a Wildfowl Special!! Thanks to Ian Dickey for the Little Grebe and Brent Geese pictures and to Shirley Valentine (it is February after all) for the rest of the Ducky type photos!

Bird News 31st January

Thanks to Tom Price for this photo from his garden in Ahoghill

In Co.Down:
The Richards Pipit and Short Eared Owl were at Killard this morning, AARRRGGGHH!!!

The 2ndw Ring Billed Gull and Black Throated Diver were still at Groomsport (Paul Rafferty)

The Ross's Gull was once again in the Harbour at Ardglass (Jack Davidson)

In Co.Antrim:
The adult Bonapartes Gull was on the slipway at Ballygally (Honk Van Jarlsberg)

Think this is the watershed Nobirds copying our sightings and putting on photos from Donegal and making up names!! They have turned into clones of us, only clones with no sightings and no humour!! It might be time to quit!

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Stop this gull nonsense!!!!

Right, that's it - it really isn't funny anymore. Fine, lots of gulls about , even a Ross's Gull, but it's got to stop. I understand that you're an addict Derk so I'll allow you some time to cool off so you don't get the heebie-jeebies and to reduce the risk of relapse. It's not what your doctor would recommend but I would suggest dabbling in something a little less addictive than gulls - heroin would be a good start and then gradually wind yourself down to a gram or two of weed and smooth out the rough edges with a couple of valium and a shot of vodka before you go to bed. It's not something that I would be partial to but, in your case, self-flagellation might work. Alternatively only go out birding with a cardboard box over your head any time you're within three miles of the coast. You can beat this Derk, in the meantime here's a superb non-gull pic from Ken Clegg.

Last Gull Photos of the Month

Can you believe that these will actually be the last gull photos on this Blog this month? Its almost enough to make you cry. These photos of our prize visitor have kindly been sent in by Colin Ingram and they bring the total of Ross's Gull photos on this blog to a mind blowing 150!!! Yes 150!!! This month there has also been an additional 70 Bonapartes Gulls photos, 373 other gull photos, 120 other bird pictures, 26 mischiveous photos and 2 Chicken Photos bringing the total to a whooping 741! Did we manage to beat the Nobirds? We are not sure because we cant bring ourselves to look at but im sure it was a close run thing!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Ardglass Kumliens Gull (so says Orcilla)

About 700 people turned up for Orcillas weekly Gull Masterclass at Ardglass on Sunday and everyone was delighted with this Kumliens Gull that Orcilla called in by whistling through her nose. It then landed on her head so that everyone could see his vent and lovely chocolate brown primaries.Orcilla only charges £5 a day (much less than the Nobirds) and this includes a 4 course lunch cooked by Dave.

Enniskillen Gull

Gull experts have come up with a new formula form the tricky Kumliens / Thayers / Iceland 1stwinter headache! This gull seen in Enniskillen would easily score 22-23 which makes it a gulp!! But is it really?

However Nobirds Incorporated have their own formula which they have been useing at Ardglass for birds of all ages!! Contary to their recent posts there have been 3 different first winter Kumliens, no 2ndw Kumliens and 2 adult Kumliens seen at Ardglass, their plan to educate us all falls apart again!

Glaucs are noisy hungry hooorrrsss!

And here is the evidence!!!!!! The PSNI continue to issue the warning that you are not allowed to approach a Glaucous Gull with a child under 20 years old unless you are in an armoured vehicle.

Bird News Monday 30th January

Thank goodness for Geoff Campbell sending us a picture of a Great Northern Diver. You can view more of Geoffs photos at gcampbellphoto.co.uk

In Co.Down:
He is a sticker i give him that, the 2nd winter Ring Billed Gull is again at Groomsport Harbour (Frank Rafferty) A Black Throated Diver was also seen

The Ross's Gull was still in the harbour at Ardglass. A 1st winter Iceland Gull was at Ardglass and a Velvet Scoter was off Murlough. The Cattle Egret came in to roost at 16.35 then buggered off and then came back again at 5.00pm (W. Veale, D. Brookes)

A Velvet Scoter was at Murlough and a Short Eared Owl at Killard

A Little Egret was at Stormont Estate.

and this little fella was visiting a garden near Dundrum, in Co. Dundrum (D. and J. Constable)

and for more proof that Co. Down is much better than all the other counties of Northern Ireland here's Ronald Surgenor's meanderings and pics from today

"On my wanders today from Bangor to Groomsport and back and had, 6 purple sandpiper and 2 Goldeneye and a male black-cap at Stricklands glen/coast path to Bangor, Ballymacormick point produced a female merlin, buzzard, little egret and 11 purple sandpipers and a small flock of approx 40 Light bellied brent. Groomsport harbour had the 2nd winter Ring -billed gull still present and a sandwich tern off-shore."

In Co. Antrim:
A Buzzard was at Whitehouse Lagoon
At Portrush East Strand Car Park the adult Ring Billed Gull was seen. At Corbally Dam a 3rdw Kumliens Gull, 5 Glaucous and 12 Iceland Gulls were present (M.Tickner)

In Co.Fermanagh:
55 Whooper Swans were between Rosslea and Lisnaskea (Mark Smyth, P.Cush)

In Co.Armagh:
75 Whooper Swans were close to Oxford Island (Mark Smyth, P.Cush)

In Co.Donegal:
1 Kumliens Gull, 10 Iceland and 2 Glaucous Gulls were at Killybegs (P.Doherty)
The Black Throated Diver was still off the pier at Mountcharles

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....if you don't look at this, you're mental - Binocularface

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