Tuesday, 31 December 2013

radio nibirding

Happy new year

PSNI Statement

The PSNI have reminded us that under no circumstances will anybody WITHOUT a NOBIRDS membership will be admitted to Castleward tomorrow, although they admit anyone waving a ten spot at a committee member will probably get waved through the heavy police cordon.
It will be a fun packed day with 3 keynote speeches.
The first is entitled "Why we said it was wild after just 24 hours"
The 2nd is "Why we told the press it was a first for Ireland"
And "When we are going to admit we are total fuckwits"
There will be several appearances by Scrawny in the lecture theatre where for just £10 you can hand feed fluffy
Refreshments will be on sale with Black Duck burgers are expected to fly of the shelves like a Green Woodpecker at Portmore.
It should be a grear start to 14

radio nibirding

radio nibirding

NIBirding Tuesday 31st December

In Co. Down :
A probable SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF was along the coastal path at Hollywood.It was first seen yesterday evening. Ronald Surgenor et al

The CATTLE EGRET was again at Hillsborough Park Lake

Last day of the year if you wanted to year tick the Scrawney Owl, should be a big crowd there tomorrow to year tick it, avoid the crush by bringing your own mouse and staying inside the house near the blackboard. Be wary of nobirds committee members selling memberships.

Thanks to Ian Dickey for phal and duck photos

Monday, 30 December 2013

radio nibirding

radio nibirding


Monday 30th December

In Co. Antrim:
The 1stwinter Surf Scoter was still north of Carnlough this morning.
A Balearic Shearwater was off the fish farms at Carnlough as well as a male Common Scoter. 
The 3rdw Ring Billed Gull was at Carrick.

In Co. Down:
At Newtownards Sailing Club 3 black-throated diver and 2 long-tailed duck (Richard Weyl)
Yesterday a Black Throated Diver was off Newcastle Harbour. 

Guess what? more Thayers Gull photos

It's a duck

Thanks to Neal Warnock for this

Sunday, 29 December 2013



Sunday 29th December

Scoter madness today, the highlight was a first winter male Surf Scoter 1 mile south of Garron Point, Waterfoot, Neal Warnock.
Neal also had a Slavonian Grebe at Waterfoot.

A female type Velvet Scoter was off Magilligan.
10 Bewicks Swans and a dark bellied brent were at Myroe. 
An adult Iceland Gull and 1stw Med Gull were at Corbally and adult Ring Billed Gull at Portrush.

An adult and 2nd w Iceland Gull were at Greencastle Donegal

And finally those Naughty Nobirders were at it again the flock of Nobirds Bramblings at Portstewart have fucked off after just 1 day and have been replaced with a flock of Chaffinch and Goldfinch, well done you Mcgarrys

A few Lesser Yellow legs photos for you


Saturday, 28 December 2013



NIBirding Saturday 28th December

In Co. Fermanagh:
An adult Iceland Gull was at Enniskillen Tip (Brad Robson)

In Co. Down:
A first winter Med Gull was at the RSPB Reserve, a second winter was there yesterday (W, Veale et al)

At Ballyquintin Point 42 great-northern diver (most close inshore), 1500+ feeding kittiwake, 300 razorbill and a gannet. A further 27 great- northern diver elsewhere on Outer Ards at Quintin Bay (7), Knockinelder Bay (4), Cloughy Bay (4), Portavogie (6), Ballyhalbert (1 where there 8 yesterday), Ballywalter (4) and Ganaway Bay (1). (Richard Weyl)

Thanks to Ian Dickey for today's photos


Friday, 27 December 2013

nibird photographers 2014


The NIOC's annual photographic competition provides an opportunity for bird photographers resident in Northern Ireland to share their work with a larger audience. The show depends on the support of bird photographers like you for content and of course it costs nothing to enter.

This year we have introduced a new Junior category for photographers who are aged 15 or under on 22nd January, 2014. If you know of anyone who would qualify please let them know about this and encourage them to enter. Remember sophisticated camera equipment is not essential. Perfectly good photographs can be taken on Point & Shoot cameras or even Mobile Phones.

Full details of the competition Rules, a Code of Conduct, FAQs and Categories can be viewed on the club's website www.nioc.co.uk and Entry Forms can be downloaded.  Also on view are pictures of the various trophies including the latest award for the new Junior category. And you will find background details for David Cottridge who will be judging the entries for the 2014 show and who will be delivering the 2014 Sam Penney Memorial lecture Birds of the Sacred Mountain. Nepal.

The Work of Northern Ireland Bird photographers 2014 will be shown in the Lecture Hall of the Ulster Museum on 14th March, 2014. The club now has to pay for the use of this accommodation and so there will be a small charge for those who wish to attend. For NIOC members admission is £1:00 and for non-members it is £3:00.

So if you are a keen bird photographer please consider entering one of the categories but do please take note: the last date for submission of entries is Wednesday, 22nd January, 2014




NIBirding Friday 27th December

In South Donegal a Little Auk was at St John's Point along with an adult Iceland Gull.
At Mountcharles 2 male and a female Long Tailed Duck were close to the harbour as well as a Black Throated Diver. 
3 1st w Glaucous Gulls were in Killybegd Harbour. 
Finaly a 2nd winter Meditterean Gull was in Donegal town. Majella Callaghan et al

We see that those rascals the Nobirds have lifted our sightings indirectly from a tweet Majella made. How inherently rude of them as they still discrimate against her and Won't let her join nobirds twitter feed.its funny if it wasnt so sad!

Thanks to Christine Cassidy for todays photos




Thursday, 26 December 2013

Blast from the past

Here's one that brings a tear to my eye - will the mega influx reach Northern Ireland?

Radio Nibirding

Boxing Day

A first winter male Long Tailed Duck was at Dargan Bay
The Redhead Goosander was still at Craigavon North lake.Mark Killops

Thanks again to Ian Dickey for todays photos


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

NIBirding Christmas Day!

Santa is not real, he is a fraud.I didn't get my Nobirds report and now day 25 of PTO (POST TAWNY OWL) No statement fom Nobirds telling us its an escape after all their motto is "We are here to educate you"

Very few birds to report, the redhead Goosander was again at Craigavon Lake, Mark Killops

Thanks to Christine Cassidy for above photo

Thanks to Ian Dickey for Purple Sandpiper above
Thayers Gull!


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa
I have been a good boy all year, Can I have the following:
A Nobirds Bird Report 2009 or my £20 back
A set of Nobirds accounts for the past 5 year's so that we can find out were all the money went.
Some mice to feed the Tawny Owl as it can't fend for itself.
A pen so that I can finally tick Baikal Teal a birdy has told me that Nobirds have finally accepted it after 9 years, not bad going even for them
A moth trap
A Green Woodpecker
A Black Duck
A Nuclear Bomb taking out Co, Tyrone
Dave and Orcilla getting released from Maghaberry
Chez Veales Evening Bistro to be reopened
A return to the good old day's when everyone was nice to your face
We will leave a mince pie and some booze out for you and 10p incase you want to ring Flapline.

NIBirding Tuesday 24th December

The Co.Armagh Pectoral Sandpiper was seen again at Ardmore Point, Lough Neagh along with 1000 Golden Plover

Thanks to Ian Dickey for these festive crackers.


Monday, 23 December 2013


2 Goosander, a male and female were on the River Maine at Randlestown
4 Jack Snipe were at Carn Wind Farm, Monkstown.Dermot Hughes

NIBirding Monday 23rd December

A Gannet and Fulmar were off St Johns Point and another Gannet was off Ardglass. 
The 2 Long Tailed Duck were off the 2nd car park at the Qouile River

Thanks to Christine Cassidy for these gull photos.Gulls are the way to go.


Sunday, 22 December 2013

NIBirding Sunday 21st December

Not much bird news to report, the Grey Phalarope is still giving good views.
There was no sign of the Glossy Ibis at Dunfanaghy.
Here are more Thayers Gulls photos from last Sunday. Just for Andrew



Saturday, 21 December 2013

NIBirding Saturday 21st December

The Grey Phalarope was still at Carnfunnuck. Ian and Ronald were spotted in full scuba gear on the pier!
A Pomarine Skua was off Burial Island, outer ards.Richard Weyl
Yesterday the Ring Billed Gull was at Carrick Harbour. AC
An adult Iceland Gull and 1st w Glaucous Gull were at Greencastle Donegal. Theo Campbell

Thanks to Christine Cassidy for the Swan photos.

Friday, 20 December 2013

NIBiridng Friday 20th December

The two Long Tailed Ducks were still at the Qouile Pondage, but there was no sign of the Grey Phalarope at Cranfunnock
 Thanks to Stephen McCandless for another Long Tailed Duck photo.
 Stephen Maxwell was at Downpatrick Races when the Pantymime Horse made an appearance. This is especially for Walter, Majella and myself thoughts are with you today.
Off work today for two weeks, yipee! Thanks to Christine Cassidy for this photo of her next door neighbour Stanley who dress's up as a Pheasant every other weekend and stalks the woods of Prehen looking for like minded wierdoes! On alternate weekends he is a Postman.

Thanks to Mervyn Campbell for these three photos