Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bird News Thursday 31st January

You cant beat a bit of bully! Thanks to Ian Dickey for this looker!

In Co.Donegal: The Bittern was showing well on the Causeway at Inch Lake this morning!

More from the North West

 Thanks to Christine Cassidy for these photos from the North West. Christine only gets out once a month as she runs an international embroidary workshop in Carndonagh during the week and then scuba dives off Tory Island at the weekend. Its a wonder she gets any time to look at birds! Thanks Christine!


I am going to start a campain to get local movie star Stephen Maxwell the freedom of Groomsport. Stephen is starring in the new Hollywood Blockbuster Vulpes, that is Hollywood Co.Down not tinseltown!

Its very quiet....!

 Yes its been a pretty awful winter for rare and scarce birds, at this rate i might buy a moth trap! When its quiet the best thing to do is to get out the Glaucous Gull photos, these are all from Killybegs.

Down, down, eider down!

 Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for these great Eider photos taken in rather stormy conditions on the North Coast. It looks like Ronald dressed up in his Eider suit (which he got for Christmas) and swam out to the darling ducklings! I tried to get the Status Quo theme into the title but yet another failure!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Nobirds committee member looking for unsuspecting birders to buy 2008 - ???? Report. Pre-order to avoid disappointment.
Only £10 to join. A real bargain! Definitely no hidden extras.

Bird News Wednesday 30th January

It really is dire at the moment, is this the worse January ever?

In Co.Antrim: Frostie the 2nd winter Iceland Gull (pictured above) is still at McConnells Wier in Belfast (Ronald Surgenor)

In the absence of any birds.....

 Its more Waxwiwng photos, this time from John Clarke. John tells these they were definately not taken in Limavady as all the birds appear to be alive. They were taken in  Lisburn.
Isnt it great that the two old foes Nobirds and the NIOC are on such friendly terms nowadays, it wasnt like that in the old days! Nobirds are delivering free advertiseing (or is it free?) to the NIOC and why not its great to see. Now why dont they take the next step in the peace process and merge? Everyone thinks its a great idea, now come on put those ego's away and join together, you know you want too!


Special thanks to Stephen Maxwell, for this absolute classic!

Danceing Tree Sparrows!

 Bird Cage specialist Ian Dickey is expanding his range and recently bought a troupe of Danceing Tree Sparrows from a Rumanian he met on Doagh High Street, They specialise in the Rumba although Ian hopes they will pick up Irish Danceing pretty quickly! Thanks Ian!

The Larnarian Returns

Morning Derek,

Aye, I'm no too bad thanks, here is a report from the Frontline. Haven't been out for a few weeks due to my back flairing up plus this weather is pure keigh. Think it's to be a bit better tomorrow, need to get out and see what's happening before I lose my mind.

Cheers and all the best to ye. Roll on the Spring!

The Larnarian (Gavin ferguson)

p.s. some lovely gull pics attached just for A.I wish they were an Ivory Gull but Larne is driegh for birds o any kind.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bird News Tuesday 29th January

In Co.Antrim: The 2ndw Iceland Gull (pictured above) was still at McConnells Weir (Ronald Surgenor)

18 Waxwing were at the Maxol Garage at Ballynure( Brad Robson, Neal Warnock and Giles Knight)

Knot more!

 Yes its more photos of the Knot on Rostrevor Beach by Cecil Henning.Pity he wasnt a rarity!

He is still there!

 The 3rd winter Ring Billed Gull is still at Groomsport, why would you leave when your being fed a veda loaf a day by local eejits!
We wish we had some bird news to report but we dont. You could do nothing but chuckle at the Nobirds / Flapline / Lifeline report that a Waxwing flew 1140 Kilometres to Limavady and when it realised it was in Limavady it dropped dead on the spot. Limavady really is that shite, it doesnt even have a cafe you can get soup and a sandwhich in.

Hybrid Ring Billed Gull Millisle!

 He is back and bewteen 1 and 2pm everyday he does a high wire act for the local children!

The truth behind "Ballymacormick Point"

Ballymacormick Point is part of Stephen Maxwells patch, we didnt know the truth until now!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Knot very good!

 Thanks to Cecil Henning for these photos taken yesterday on the beach at Rostrevor, knot bad actually!