Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 We are back!

Yes after our Christmas break we are back larger than life! In January we will have a bit of a Salvador Dali theme going on and January is usually good for gulls and awful for moths, but old moth features found another first for Murlough over the Xmas period in a drawer. Surely thats cheatings! And we do hope 2013 is the year of the new Nobirds Report!
A quick check of their blog shows they havent changed their ways over the holiday period, did we expect anything different!
17 Meally Redpolls reported in the one flock!! Now come on guys, thats like a world record count never even mind an Irish Record!!!
A "Putative" Great White Egret not surpriseingly failed to mateialise!
They are still banging on about the Gyrfalcon. Guys its not even an escaped Gyrfalcon, its an escaped HYBRID Falcon. Sort it out!
We see the TUNISIAN CHAFFINCH that NOBIRDS trumpeted as Irelands first has been downgraded to "Unusual Chaffinch" and 3 Slavoinian Grebes at Portmore Lough? Go Nobirders but i suspect they are Father Ted Great Crested Grebes. And guys its only a Little Gull!

We look forward to another year of Educataion.

And they are still stealing my sightings despite me asking them not too!