Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My Birding Life - 23rd Jan

Dear Derk,
As promised - here is a list of birds I saw today:

A Blue Tit in a willow tree.

It's been a tough year so far but now I'm back in the birdwatching hot-seat I'm giving it my all. I've been staring for three weeks at nine Persimmons I got for 60p in the reduced section at Tescos on 2nd January. For some reason I haven't ate any and instead just watch them rot one by one in the fruit bowl. I'm down to four. Some people call them Sharon fruit and, incidentally, the name of my house is Sharon. I'm not kidding. So, as you can see, mentally I'm getting much better and someday I'll get over the Belmullet Upland Sandpiper incidents.
Here's a song by Cornershop - I thought of this because they've that song 'Sleep on the Left Side', which keeps me awake at night as I sleep on the right side.