Friday, 25 January 2013

My Birding Life - 25th Jan

Hi Derk,
It's your favourite time of day - here is a list of the birds I've encountered on my travels on Friday:

Blue Tit

I must be on about ten species so far this year. I've been having headaches for nearly two weeks now Derk - I was beginning to think I had multiple clots on my brain. I think it all really started with that damned Upland Sandpiper - certainly the world went funny colours over those few days and my dreams have been weird ever since. My wife thinks it's because I need glasses and spend too much time looking at the computer. I found out last night that helium balloons really annoy flies - I haven't figured out why yet but I challenged a bluebottle to fight to the death. Needless to say the fly won eventually because I got bored of bopping a balloon about the living room. My wife says I'm one of the most annoying people in the universe.
I failed miserably at the Tesco reduced section today - there were two pizzas and I picked up one, did a circuit of the aisle only to find that somebody else was sticking the other pizza into their basket. You should always go with your gut instinct. Oh well, if I get my act together I guess I'll probably make an appointment with the opticians in 2013. I think I was about 17 when I was prescribed glasses - I've worn them for the grand total of 2 hours in 18 years. I used to be an indie-kid when I was a teenager. Here's one for all the forgotten indie-kids of the 90's......