Monday, 7 January 2013

Patchwork Challenge

 Neal Warnock is doing the Patchwork Challenge this year and has sent us this email to see if others will get involved. You can keep updated on Neals progress throughout the year on the link below. Good luck Neal!

The Patchwork Challenge was created by Mark Lewis and Ryan Irvine and the main website for the competition is
Approx 160 local patches have entered the challenge so far, nearly all in the UK. Just 6 patches from Ireland have signed up and as such, an Irish Mini League was created. 
Rathlin Island (Neal Warnock), Kilcoole (Niall Keogh), Kilmore Quay (Tom Moore), Galley Head (Colin Barton), Tralee Bay (Kilian Kelly) & Blacksod (Dave Suddaby) are all being represented.
The general aim of the challenge is to get folk out, finding birds & recording them for BirdTrack. All patches are 3km2 or smaller. Comparative scores based on previous year lists & a points system for common, scarce & rare species will ensure a level playing field. It all comes down to effort & luck after that!
News from the Irish Mini League will be posted on the following blog:  There’s already a couple of posts up about my patch on Rathlin.