Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bird News Thursday 28th February

Its grim out there!!

In Co.Antrim: 2 Waxwing were at Roughfort, Mallusk!

In Co.Londonderry: 2 Larry McGarrys were at Myroe (Christine Cassidy)

Bird Photographers of Northern Ireland

 We dont do plugs here unless we get paid and luckily Alistair Prentice gave us a quarter of clove rock and a penny bubbly! So just this once we will. Alistair runs a great site on Facebook, Bird Photographers of Northern Ireland in which many photographers of all kinds share photos and experiences. Alistair also gives photographic tips on how to improve and these are invaluable. Go to Facebook and check the site, lots and lots of great photos, chat and tips. To join contact Alistair on and he will give you detials on how to join.Thanks to Alistair for these recent photos.

Pantymime Horse resurfaces!

A lot of people have been concerned about the Co.Down Pantymime Horse. He isnt about as much, trampleing over the place disturbing and flushing, but we do miss him. However Stephen Maxwell opened the Groomsport Gossip the other day and was surprised to come face to face with old Panty!

More Danceing Birds!

 Ian Dickey is rapidly expanding his bird dance troupe. Latest editions include a Greenfinch that specialises in Disco Danceing and a break danceing Goldfinch! Ian will need a bigger shed at this rate! Thanks Ian

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bird News Wednesday 27th February

In Co.Antrim: An Iceland and the 2ndwinter Glaucous Gull were at Ballycastle. Hard to believe Ballycastle is the gull mecca this winter!

Smew Inch Lake

 There are not many better looking birds than a male Smew. An Ivory Gull perhaps, maybe a Bee-eater but by and large they are out on their own! Thanks to Geoff Campbell for these great photos check more of Geoffs Wildlife photos on

Photos from the Front Line

 Stephen Maxwell has sent us these photos from his travels. He is currently living with 2 Foxes in the disabled toilet in the Dundrum Shopping Centre in South Dublin. By day Stephen birdwatches but in the evening he juggles sharp knives in O'Connell Street for a few crusts. He is doing well and lost only one finger so far but the night he cut a finger off while juggling was his best night when he collected over 100 yo yo's the crowd loved it and he is thinking of makeing it part of his act! Stephen to his credit knows that if he incorporates loseing a finger into his act every night it will have a limited shelf life

Photo selection, Ian Dickey

 Thanks to Ian Dickey for this great collection of bird photos, brighten any day and it aint half gloomy this morning!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Last Tango

Stephen Maxwell lost a game of marbles yesterday but he didnt pay up, instead he took the money of young Fergal his spareing partner, stole the young mans BMX and cycled towards the Southside of Dublin.


No we havent got the stutters again, its an amazing photo by Ronald Surgenor showing the starling flock in Belfast!

Cattle Egret photos

 The Cattle Egret in Donegal is living on its wits because as everyone knows Pigs eat everything! Partial to a bit of chicken i believe!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Bird News Tuesday 25th February

 In Co.Armagh: 3 Brambling and 8 Yellowhammer are still visiting a garden in Richill (Andrew Poots)
Thanks to Andrew for the photos of the above.

Late News:
In Co.Donegal: The Cattle Egret was still at St Johnstone yesterday.

Bald Eagle

Stephen Maxwell is now living in a flat in Ballymun in Dublin. He plays marbles against the local kids for yo-yos and so far is undefeated. He is a marble shark no doubt about it!

Rathlin Island / Ballycastle photos

 Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for these photos which feature the Long Tailed Duck, a Buzzard / Peregrine mid air battle, the almost extinct Chough and best of all a lovely Glaucous Gull!

Bird News over the weekend!

In Co.Fermanagh. Yesterday the Blue Phase Snow Goose was seen at Lough McNean, it was observed from the watchpoint at Hanging Rock.
An adult Yellow Legged Gull was at nearby Enniskillen Dump (Keith Bennett, Keith is takeing this year list challenge too seriously!)

In Co.Down: The Green Winged Teal was seen again at Barr Hall Bay on Saturday (Keith Bennett)
Also on Saturday Keith had a pair of Velvet Scoter and 12 Long Tailed Duck off Murlough. Another Long Tailed Duck was off Killowen Point Carlingford Lough, a huge drop in the numbers wintering there.(Joe Devlin)
An adult Meditterean Gull was at Ardilea (Dermot Hughes)

In Co.Antrim: The flock of 25 Snow Buntings is still at Hightown Quarry, Glengormley.
A 1stw male Long Tailed Duck was still in the harbour at Rahlin Island (Neal Warnock)
A 2ndw Meditterean Gull continues to haunt the shore at Whiteabbey

In Co.Armagh: The Little Gull continues its lonely vigil at Craigavon Lakes.
The hybrid athya duck resembling a male Lesser Scaup was seen again at Oxford Island

In Co.Donegal: A Black Necked Grebe was found at Inch Lake on Saturday (Christine Cassidy et al) 2 male Smew were also present. The lake froze over during the night but the Black Necked Grebe was unbelievably refound by Neal Warnock off Inch Pier yesterday afternoon.
5 Slavonian Grebe were off Blanket Nook (Neal Warnock)
850 Greenland Whitefront were at Big Isle Letterkenny.
Scoter numbers have plummetted in Donegal Bay and the reason isnt apperent. Normally there are around 1500 Common Scoters off Mervagh / Rossknowlagh but at the weekend only 50 - 100 were seen, very worrying. A Black Throated Diver was off Rossknowlagh
At Killybegs 4 1stw Kumliens Gull were in the roost on Saturday and totals of 10 Iceland and 8 Glaucous Gulls were recorded.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Buff Bellied Pipits Tyrella

 Never before seen photos of the 2 Buff Bellied Pipits at Tyrella beach!