Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bird News Thursday 21st February

 In Co.Londonderry: 3 Red Legged Partridges were at the Myroe Levels (Christne Cassidy)
Thanks to Christine for these photos i dont think i have ever seen a photo of a RLPartridge in NI before!

The NI Year List Challenge is hotting up although a good bit of cheating is going on i fear!
D.Charles 126 (no splits or hybrid gulls inc)
K.Bennett 125 Keith has been out of the country for about 6 weeks, we believe he is counting the GWTeal 5 times!
Chef Veale he is claiming 109. This is preposterous and he should be made Honary Nobirds President immediately! Its more like 135 Walter, come on Man up!
Stephen Maxwell: 2 both Ring Billed Gulls
Ronald Surgenor: 185 but Ronald is adding in Fish species as well! Thats not allowed!