Sunday, 24 February 2013

Christines Garden

 Christine Cassidy has the second biggest garden in the world after the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. It is almost 200 square miles and has almost every breeding species that occurs in Ireland and a few that are not meant to occur like Snowy Owl and Red Footed Falcon. Christine has had to build a series of elevators similar to the great glass elevator that Willy Wonka built to take her round her garden, yes the garden really is that big. When the elavtor breaks down or when she runs out of 50p's for the electricty metre Christine (Christine is like the Queen she doesnt carry cash) she employs local boys and girls to carry her round in her Sedan which she got specially made by Harvey Norman. Keeps the kids of the streets.
Christine pride and joy his her army of vicious Grey Squirrels. Christine invites the local Red Squirrels to regular Peanut Partys and then the Grey Squirrels who are hideing in Christines garden shed, jump out and box the Red Squirrels. Christine videos all the action and sells the video's in the Sunday Markets in the Bogside for £10 a touch. A handy little earner no doubt.
Thanks to Christine for photos of some of her garden birds and Jimmy the Squirrel