Sunday, 10 February 2013

Doom Shadow

As Doom Shadow approaches the realm of Flapline its mighty protector G God of Waxwings grows weak and the land is plunged into an everlasting night.
The Orcs from the Nobirds McGarrys take advantage of this and start the Great War. The McGarry and G armies are forced to work together to stop them eating themselves, while trying to destroy the Doom Shadow. Harry and the Nobirds king Larry command their joined army known as the Super Duper Nobirds and together they build the golden gates of Whitehead Cliff to hold off the Doom Shadow.

"An army of normal people coming from the south" shouted a lookout from the top of Nobirds Castle. "Normal people coming from the west" came a second cry, "They have us fenced in apart from Larne Lough  sir"
"Enough" Yelled Larry, "get the boats ready, prepare the Bird Reports!"
"Yes sir " came the reply of his underling Garry. Garry was a 25-year-old boy with blond hair that always managed to fall in his face, he had a birth mark that looked like fire that started from his right eye and went across to his left eye, he also had a small blond goatee. Garry ran towards the normal people,

"Garry" came a cry "do that funny thing you do"
"Why" Garry questioned Barry who wore turquoise armor and a helmet with two carved Marsh Harriers fixed to the top. His hair had gone gray years ago.
"Your really funny" the old man replied
"Thanks Barry" he said with a smile
"Be careful Garry" Barry said in a worried tone

"I will" and with that Garry mounted a Polish Pony, his eyes were bright yellow and his gaze was fiery. Garry had been sent to find the Black Duck and he had better not fail.
Garry walked round Ward Park with his 2 x 30 Zeiss Binoculars and a photo of a Black Duck which he had torn out of a National Geographic Magazine his aunt had bought him for Christmas.
Then as if by magic he again ran into Barry
"What is it young Barry?" Garry asked with a puzzled look on his face. Barry drew in a breath and started to explain when he remembered the hairdressers closed at 4pm.
“We will have to prepare for war if we cant find it, Larry wont be happy and the normal people will laugh openly in our faces again, say it wont be so Garry”

Barry raised his Collins Guide high above his head and yelled fire, the sound of a hundred Waxwings calling rung throughout the land.
“ Black Duck Garry, it’s a bloody Black Duck over there in that puddle, look it is one, I cant bloody believe it”
Garry raised his 2 x 30’s and there in front of him was a male American Black Duck in all its glory. He started to blub and hugged Barry, they always done this with rarities. But Garry knew he needed the record shot, so carefully he set us his box brownie, he centered the duck but as he pressed his finger a Greyhound called “Blue” appeared out of nowhere and took off with the duck.
Garry was dumbstruck but him and Barry jumped on Thomas the Pony and took off after Blue.

The war had well and truly begun...