Friday, 15 February 2013

Grammy award Winner!

 Alistair Prentice was devasted he never won a Bafta.Alistair had been pencilled in to play the lead role in Les Miserables but eyebrow problems meant he had to withdraw from filming at the last minute and a nobody called Hugh Jackman took the part and he isnt half the actor Alistair is.
But sweet revenge on Monday Night for Andrew when he won a grammy ! Alistair is one half of the trendy techno pop combo Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler and romped home ahead of Jay Z and Val Doonigan.
Alistair was the brains behind NDubz and admits Tulisha is a shite singer and that she doesnt "keep it real"
Alistair is handy with the camera as well as these photos he took in a break from making his new album, working title "Dickeys got a Bafta but he cant sing like me" Its a techno backbeat track.