Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Quack Quack

An update on the Duck at Oxford Island! The facts so far, on Sunday a Lessser Scaup type bird was photographed and the photos although not brilliant do appear to show a Lesser Scaup. Yesterday in the same spot another Lesser Scaup type bird was seen. It was similar to the Sunday bird ie head shape / colour etc but on checking the photos some observers feel it could be a different bird. The bird yesterday is definately a hybrid ok. A pure Lesser Scaup wasnt seen yesterday as far as i am aware. So it could be the old two bird theory and who doesnt love one of them! So there is either one hybrid on the loose or two birds one a hybrid and one unidentified but possibly a pure Lesser Scaup.Remember the old comedy Soap! It was brilliant but it all got a bit mad towards the end! Will keep you updated as the results come in!