Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Debacle Teal

 The appearance of a smart drake Baikal Teal at Tacumshin heaps more embarrasment on the Nobirds hierarcy. Its now 7 years since a male Baikal Teal appeared at Belfast Lough RSPB Reserve and the Nobirds crack assessment team have done absolutely nothing. In the meantime birds have appeared in Denmark, the UK and Ireland and all have been accepted by the National Records Committees concerned. In essense it doesnt matter what the Nobirds eventually decide because the bird is already on the Irish List. I know what they should do! Call a records committee meeting for a record such as this all the members will have to be in the one room.This meand flying in the two members from abroad. I dont know who will pay for the flights,maybe it will be members hard earned cash (your cash!), maybe not ive no idea but lets face it would YOU pay for your own flights!!! I think not. Then they could all have tea and buns and decide to accept it, but then who cares apart from them. Thats one i can answer, absolutely no-one cares.
The bird pictured is not a Baikal Teal but a European Teal but thanks to Warren Corr for these, not bad!