Friday, 29 March 2013

Bird News and Stuff Good Friday

 In Co.Fermanagh: The Blue Phase Snow Goose remains at Lough McNean but not for much longer!

In Co.Antrim: A first winter Iceland Gull was at Corbally Dam. And thats your lot apart from the Waxwings!

Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for this male Shovelor photo which looks vaguely like a Blue Snow Goose!

Just what the hell is going on at that RSPB Reserve in Belfast? Its going from bad to worse, the latest is Black Tailed Godwit Wrestling, 8 bouts a day apparently. BWW is all the rage and you can say and think what you want but at least the Godwits always provide their own Referee. Thanks to Brian Douglas for this!
 McGarry Watch. Just where do we start with the McGarrys, but i will go easy as its Good Friday. As usual their blog sightings are completely different to Flapline, this is an ongoing theme which gives us all amusement. And they continue to steal MY sightings despite me asking them not too! I could go on, those Naughty McGarrys but lets remember Jesus died for all our sins, inccludeing the Nobirds McGarrys

Here is another picture of a Larry McGarry by Christine Cassidy

 More news from Dave and Orcilla and Orcilla has sent us two photos of Yellow Legged Gulls (Cyprus Species) Yesterdaya they had 2 Marsh Harrier, 2 Hoopoe, 1 Cattle Egret and a Larry McGarry. Then 2 Kentish Plover, 54 Ruff, 4 Great White Eejits, Flamingoes, 2 Marsh Sandpiper, Pallid Hrarier and then bingo White Breasted Kingfisher, a lifer for both of them! Then it was lunch and celebratory drinks!

 Things that bad at home, i didnt even go home last night. I couldnt face another night of no roasties and Masterchef. So went to friends house where he made me two full bags of Aunt Bettssies roasties and we looked at old Duck photos, what a great night!

 Fresh from the revelataions yesterday that Noah is building an Ark in Ballintoy Ian Dickey has sent us photos of the Hippos and Ravens! But hang on Ian there is only one of each? Your story has a few holes in it!

 Thanks to Cecil Henning for these Waxwing photos

 Those naughty Nobirders reported a Saker yesterday, they are naughty! So here is a Nobirds Goshawk and a Nobirds Gyrfalcon by Christine Cassidy!

 We are off on our holidays so this will be the last post for 10 days!! Here is a Bluethroat to keep you going, if you want to find your own Bluethroat do not go to St Johns Point!
 Thanks to Stephen Maxwell for this one, big butch bonking Oscar, who would have thought?

The very last of the Spain photos, the last one is especially for Andrea Callagahn

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bird News and Stuff Thursday 28th March

Very little to report apart from a Sand Martin at Lower Lough Erne RSPB Reserve where a Hen Harrier had been seen the day before (Brad Robson)

This interesting Redpoll was at the RSPB Reserve a few days ago, it was large around the size of a Goldfinch but its id for the minute remains unsolved! Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for the photo.
 The Cattle Egret is still at St Johnstone Donegaal. Thanks to Desmond Doherty for these photos
 Alistair Prentice runs Bird Photographers of Northern Ireland on Facebook. Its for photographers of all abilities and plenty of chat and tips. Drop by and give Alistair a shout if you want to join. Alistair has been staling his local Treecreepers for a few days and finally nailed it big time, thanks Alistair.

 Things not great at home. I didnt even go to Oxford Island last night to look for the Ducky but i still got the cold shoulder when i got home. Didnt even get any roasties last night and was subjected to a Hollyoaks / Eastenders / Coronation Street treble. I had to retire but i found some GWTeal photos that havent seen the time of day before, here is one of them! Hope things improve soon, i will take Majella down to see the Knot and hopefully find another hybrid duck, their her favourite
 McGarry Watch!
This will be a regular feature, keep an eye on those Nobirds McGarrys! And guess what true to form they are off and running. Whats on their blog this morning only Otters!! Otters!! Otters are not birds!!! Did anyone tell them!! I remember them telling us NOTHING BUT BIRDS on this Blog!! And there will be NO EXCEPTIONS!! Thats the reason we left!! (and lets of other reasons as well)  Naughty Naughty McGarrys! Stunning photos of the Otter, check them out but it clearly isnt a bird. If i was paying them £10 i would be miffed! Here is a photo of a Larry McGarry by Christine Cassidy.

Ian Dickey is suffering North Coast Fever, he thinks Ballintoy is Noahs Ark as he currently see's two of everything when he visits, two Stonechat, two Wheatear, two Lesser Flamingoes, two Walrus, two Hippoes the list goes on and on. He sent us this photo of Scotland, it looks even colder over there.

A couple of scarce bird photos, above a Med Gull at the RSPB Reserve by Ronald Surgenor and below a wintering Whimberal by Paul Hollywood / Stephen Maxwell that can be found between Groomsport / Orlock and Briggs Rocks.
Text from Dave in Cyrus:
I rang Cyprus Flapline and Georguis Gorgeous told us about birds that we had already seen, remind you of anyone? They are also looking £10 for membership, i think not. So we went for a coastal walk near a gull colony for Orcilla. Lots of nice Flowers, Painted Lady, Paphous Blue and other Blues. Then highlight of the day, Apple Pie and Ice Cream then back to Pahphos for Lunch. Just like home and just like us. A grand day out grommit. No seagull pictures today so here is a picture of an adult Iceland Gull

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bird News and Stuff Wednesday 27th March

 Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for these photos of the Glaucous Gull from Kinnegar yesterday. Ronald had said that it was a 2ndw but i talked him out of it based on its description ie its bogging! How wrong was i! I will have to go and stand on the naughty step again, its well worn out!

In Co.Armagh: The adult male Lesser Scaup was again off the Discovery Centre at Oxford Island yesterday evening. The escaped Red Crested Pochard continues its lonely vigil, it has been present since September 2011. The Knot was also seen again

In Co.Antrim: The 2ndw Glaucous Gull was again at Ballycastle yesterday (Ian Dickey)

Very few migrants in yet although the South Coast of Ireland had large numbers of common migrants the past few days, in the next week or so we wont know where to look next!
 I knew things were not right when i went home last night, the cold shoulder treatment from Majella. On top of that i got less roasties than normal and i was told to leave the Brocolli alone! It transpired she wasn't happy with my suppressing the Little Gull and Knot at Oxford Island both of which she needs for her Oxford Island list. She said that i was as bad as those arch suppressors the "Nobirds McGarrys" That hurt, that hurt real bad.
Below a picture from Christine Cssidy of some Larry McGarrys, thanks Christine.
 Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for this Treecreeper photo from the RSPB Reserve in Belfast. Now just what is a Treecreeper doing there, not a tree in about a mile radius and still it turns up there! Check the long hind toe!
 Paul Hollywood aka Stephen Maxwell sent us this Carrion Crow photo or mostly Carrion Crow photo, it has a little bit of Hoody in him! Stephen can be seen wandering the streets of Hollywood with various types of bread under his arm claiming he had baked them and trying to sell them for £5 a touchc
 Dave and Orcilla are still in Cyprus, Orcilla is on the beach counting gulls while Dave has improved his trip list with Little Ringed Plover and Spanish Sparrow. Orchids include Bee and Wavy Leaved Monkey as well as lots of stuff they dont know what it is! Orcilla hasnt sent us a gull photo today from Cyprus so here is a 1stw Kumliens Gull, an odd one!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bird News 26th March 2013

In Co.Down: A 1stw Glacous Gull was at Kinnegar Shore (Ronald Surgenor)

Bird News and Stuff Tuesday 26th March

 Raymond Brogan has a better garden than mine and he has a bigger garden list as well no doubt! Thanks to Raymond for this photo of the Waxwings on his Ariel, looks as if he has a bigger TV than me as well!

 Late bird News:
In Co.Armagh:
 The male Lesser Scaup was still at Oxford Island yesterday evening. An adult Little Gull and Knot were also seen

In Co.Down: An adult Sabines Gull was off Briggs Rocks ( a "rare" spring sighting according to the Nobirders? How rare but? You would think they would let us know!)

 I moved to Lurgan a year ago and my pride and joy is my Oxford Island list! Its not very big, in fact if you could count each hybrid duck ive seen there in that time, my list would be doubled (ive seen 9 different hybrid ducks this winter!) But last night my Oxford Island list went up by 2! Little Gull and Knot what a double whammy! I went home and celebrated by watching Hollyoaks although its not the same without Brendan Brady and i am worried about the club, who owns it?

 This Knot and Little Gull are probably both blow ins from Craigavon Lakes where i have seen both recently!

 Stephen Maxwell is Paul Hollywood, google Paul Hollywood if you dont believe me! This Hare thinks its a Rabbitt, ok it is a Rabbitt but its ears are very long. However there are no Hares at the RSPB Reserve where Stepehn took this photo, the gang of Foxes have eaten them all! Thanks Stepehn!
Dave and Orcilla are away in Cyprus. Orcilla is away to study the population of Yellow Legged Gulls, she thinks they are a different species. Dave says she has already taken over 5000 photos but he says dont worry he will lose the memory cards on the way home.
Dave had a wander around and found: Purple Heron, Sardinian Warbler (about a million apperently) Cyprus Wheatear and Warbler (although they were in the right country to be fair), lots of different Yellow Wagtails, Bee Eater, Long Legged Buzzard, Eastern Orphean, Cretzmars Bunting, Elenoras Falcon and a place that made lovely Ice - Cream. Thanks to Orcilla for the gull photo

Monday, 25 March 2013

Bird News Monday 25th March

In Co.Armagh: The male Lesser Scaup is again present off the Discovery Centre, Oxford Island (Ronald Surgenor)

In Co.Londonderry: 9 Waxwings were still at Waterside, Derry

Bird News over the Weekend

What a weekend it was, the big bird news was that the Green Winged Teal wasn't seen, yes it was that bad! We think that Keith has had to return the duck to its next of kin!
The Pesky Bonaparte s Gull also didn't make an appearance!

In Co.Armagh: The adult male Lesser Scaup was at Oxford Island on both Saturday and Sunday. It is loosely associating with a male Greater Scaup. The male Red Crested Pochard continues to disgrace itself and up to 6 Ruddy Duck are still present!

and apart from that it was the usual Waxwings, Black Throated Divers, Slavonian Grebes in Strangford Lough, roll on Spring!

New Moon on Monday

New Moon on Monday was a rather dire song by Duran Duran, certainly not one of their best, Planet Earth was far and away their top tune. This photo isnt a new moon but its the only picture we have got, kindly sent in by Ian Dickey. It is a Monday however.


If you haven't seen Waxwings this winter your either blind or a Nobirder! Probably the latter! They will only be with us for another couple of weeks, these birds were photographed by Christine Cassidy in Londonderry