Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bits and Bobs

 In Co.Antrim:
The White Tailed Eagle was again present this morning (Neal Warnock)

In Co.Fermanagh:
A Pale Bellied Brent Goose a Fermanagh MEGA was present at Lower Lough Erne RSPB Reserve this morning. 73 Whimberal and 52 White Wagtail were also seen (Brad Robson)

Late News from Fermanagh... but its never too late!
An Osprey spent an hour last Saturday afternoon fishing in Goblusk Bay, LL Erne.(Dr.Hutchinson per Brad Robson)

Garganey and other Portmore Photos!

 Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for this superb collection from Portmore Lough RSPB Reserve yesterday and we are not a bit jealous!! Ronald confirms the Otters below are not birds!

NIBirding Tuesday 29th April

 In Co.Antrim: A drake Garganey continues to be seen at Portmore Lough RSPB Reserve (Ronald Surgenor)
A White Tailed Sea Eagle was seen at Capanagh Forest. Its tag is white / black j and it was released in Killarney in 2011 (Neal Warnock, Adam McClure)

A Lesser Yellowlegs was seen in Wexford on Saturday and probably the same bird seen in Dundalk yesterday and if it continues north, next stop is gulp... Killard Point. OK it will skip that joint if it has any sense and head straight for Iceland. Thanks to Ian Dickey for this Redshank photo above!
 Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for the Goldcrest photos and to Christine Cassidy for the Treecreeper shot. Its hanging on for dear life rather like the Nobirds Hierarchy!

 Another Ian Dickey photo above and then a selection from abroad!

 Still not enough gulls on blog recently, above a Yellow Legged, below a dark Iceland and below that a Kumliens!

 Black Winged Kite, incomeing!

 Three plants today, above the Brown Bluebell , then Naked Man Orchid and then Dense Flowered at bottom.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Worst rarity photos EVER!!! (you will need a magnifying glass!)

 What can we say, some horrendous photos of the Yellow Wagtail and the Marsh Harrier from Portmore

Bird News over the weekend

The highlight of the weekend was 3 Dotteral at Slieve Muck in the Mournes on Saturday.
Elsewhere in Co.Down on Saturday Reed Warblers were back at Lough Cowey and Ballyherly Loughs (Portaferry) and a Short Eared Owl still at Ballyquintin Point (Richard Weyl)
Also on Saturday 1 adult and 2 juvenile "Grey" Bellied Brents were at Killough (D.Charles, M.Callaghan)

In Co.Antrim: The place to be was Portmore Lough were all weekend the female Marsh Harrier showed on and off (Keith Bennett, Dave and Orcilla Hadrick et al)
On Friday and Saturday a male Garganey continued to poke his head out of the reeds! (D.Charles)
A male Flavissima Yellow Wagtail was present with the Polish Ponies on Saturday evening (G.McGeehan, S.Dunlop et al)
On Saturday 2 Dark Bellied Brents and a Pinkfooot Goose were off Glynn, Larne Lough (Neal Warnock)

In Co.Armagh: Yesterday evening the drake Lesser Scaup was re-located off Reedy Flat, Lough Neagh (D.Charles)

Friday, 26 April 2013

Bird News and Stuff on Friday

Late News from Wednesday, Stephen Maxwell seen 14 Waxwings in Portstewart, see photo above. A Gannet attacked him as he was walking along the seafront, see photo below!

Yesterday the Yellow Wagtail was still at the RSPB Reserve in Belfast, it is worth seeing! The 2nd winter Ring Billed Gull was seen again
 Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for photos of the offending Yellow Wagtail at the Reserve

 A couple of all action wader photos from Ian Dickey

 Two cool Dipper photos from Christine Cassidy

 Ken Clegg gets a Larry McGarry in his garden pond, he detests it and throws old slippers at at. Ken also has breeding Avocets see belwo, but Ken takes the chicks when they are a week old, they make a great Casserole.

Nobirds McGarry Watch
Yes they have been in full flow this week! This was in their monthly email report, only costs £10 but we get several free copies! Look at the noncense they wrote about Mandarin Duck! Im glad i dont pay £10 for this!

Mandarin     A male was along the River Main at Cullybackey (Antrim) on 22nd. A pair was seen at Ballymena Ecos Park (Antrim) on 31st – probably the first seen there although they are kept at Broughshane Sanctuary a few miles away. Formerly virtually confined to the Shimna River and Tollymore Forest Park in south Down this species seems to establishing a presence in County Antrim.
Would that be anything to do with the fact that a fella in Broughshane keeps them?!!!! Nutters

A couple of old Rarity photos for all the duck fans out there, i know at least one who always checks in to see what Ducks we have on, get a life!