Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bird News and mostly stuff Thursday 11th April

 We would like to say that the above photo is the Marsh Harrier from the Qouile. That would be a big lie however and no one likes a fibber!
 Ian Dickey loves Albatross's, he is always banging on about them, only problem there are not any on the North Coast so we have to make do with one of Ian's fabulous fabulous Fulmar photos, at least you can see both its wings in this photo!
 The Coal Tits in Derry are hungry hoors as this photo by Christine Cassidy shows, half that peanut would keep a normal Coal Tit going for about two days!
 Not sure exactly what this Treecreper brillaintly photographed by Ronald Surgenor is doing. Tree Creeping it certainly isnt!
 Our usual spot now. The Nobirds is it a Bird? We believe its not and that it is a Hare. Ian Dickey who photographed it thinks its a Hare but admits that he is here to be educated by those Nobirders.
 Juvenile Yellow Legged Gulls are just fantastic arent they, 2 more from Portrugal

 Osprey and Short Toed Eagle!

 A random photo of a Grey Plover
 Black Winged Kite a must see bird if you go to Portugal!

 Anotehr one of those Orchids i cant remember the name off!
A Small Copper Butterfly!