Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bird News and Stuff Wednesday 17th April

 Bird News at last! BT Infinity is not a good idea children!! But we are back on-line just in time for all the returning summer visitors which we wont report. If you have any reports of summer visitors please report them to the Nobirders.

In Co.Armagh:
The Black Necked Grebe was still at Oxford Island yesterday. 18 adult and 1 first year Kittiwake were in Kinnegoe Bay, no doubt blown inland by the gales on the south coast of Ireland
The male Lesser Scaup was still present up to Friday evening. An Osprey was seen on both Saturday and Sunday
A 2nd winter Yellow Legged Gull was at Reedy Flat on Saturday

In Co.Down: The male Ring Necked Duck was at Lough Money on Saturday (D.C, Chef, M.C)

Thanks to the Wren photos. Ian Dickey at top and Christine Cassidy below
We still believe a Hare is not a bird, thanks to Ian Dickey aagin

I took this photo on Easter Sunday, which one is Judas!
Great White Eejit!

Some Seagulls!

Some waders!

Some raptors!

And some flowers!