Monday, 8 April 2013

Bird News and Stuff Monday 8th April

 Sunday 7th April
In Co.Armagh: The adult male Lesser Scaup was still off the Discovery Centre at Oxford Island. A Great Spotted Woodpecker was seen in flight. A Black Necked Grebe was in Kinnegoe Bay (Derek Charles)
A Skylark was at Ardmore Point.

In Co.Down: 2 Ring Ouzels were in the Mournes (exact location witheld) (Danny)
3 Larry McGarrys were at the Qouile and 5 Larry McGarrys were at Inch Abbey. There was no sign of the American Wigeon.

Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for these 2 photos of the American Wigeon, how Ronald got these shots i will never know as the bird was about a mile away at the time!

Thanks to Stephen Maxwell for these two photos of the 3rdw Ring Billed Gull from Carrickfergus, its not an adult Nobirds!

 Ive missed Stephen Maxwells ramblings while i have been away! The frightening thing is that i dont know if the above photo is Stephen or Peter Gabriel!
 Nobirds Watch
Those naughty Nobirders have not dissapointed us while we were away! Once again a possible / probable / maybe / it definately wasnt report, this time a White Tailed Eagle! They managed to put the same pictures of a Chiffchaff on two days in a row and they have put pictures of Otters (again!) and Dolphins! I think i should email and tell them Otters and Dolphins are not Birds!! So come on Nobirds are you now an all round nature blog or is it still Birds Only!
We will put anything on, above is a great photo of a Frog by Ian Dickey!
 A few photos from Portugal, a rather gorgeous Black Winged Kite and a menacing Eagle Owl!
 But much more impressive in Portugal was the Flowers, just look at the Orchid below, expect a lot more of them!