Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bird News and Stuff Thursday 18th April

Thanks to Stephen McCancless for this photo of the Black Necked Grebe

Bird News: Not much, the Grebe was still in Kinnegoe Bay, it is now moving around a lot more than it had been. Lots of Swifts were also in the area.
A Little Gull was at the RSPB Reserve in Belfast

Thanks to Tom Moore for this female Gadwall photo, very understated duck!
McGarry Watch!
Those boys are confused and need to be sent on a Mammal / Bird identification course. Yet another otter photo on their blog and a great photo as well. But an Otter is not a bird, we need to make that clear. A Squirrel is also not a bird, thanks to Jimmy Saville for this one!
Look at the bake on this boy, Curlew Sandpipers above and below!

No word on who plante dthe Boaton Bomb, could have been one of these grumpy looking things!

Gulls were Margaret Thatchers favourite bird and first winter Yellow Legged Gulls (above) were here favourite of favourites. Ring Billed Gull (below) were here second favourite.

Some pinkish plants from Portugal. Remind me of Dave Hadrick for some reason!