Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bird News and Stuff Wednesday 9th April

In Co.Armagh: The Black Necked Grebe was still off the Waterside Hide at Oxford Island. The hide isnt well signposted but it is on the right before the large Kinnegoe Hide. It often hides underneath branches on the small off the hide.

In Co.Down: As per previous post there was a Marsh Harrier at the Qouile Pondage.

Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for these 2 clinking Razorbill photos, you wouldnt want to get a thumb trapped in that bill!

Is a Squirrell a bird? We better ask Nobirds! Is Stepehn Maxwell Peter Gabriel? We know he was once Jimmy Saville so anything is possible! Thanks to Stephen for the Squirreel photo and the very chilly Woodpigeon photos below, its class!

Questions i often get asked is what is an Intermedius Lesser Black Backed Gull and how to identify a 1stw Yellow Legged Gull. I will have to come back to you on the first one but the second one is easy. Find one with a ring! Like the Yellow Legged Gull below!

What do you think off when you here the word Spoonbill? A few people spring to mind! Here is a real life Spoonbill and a Pretty Flamingoe from Portugal.

More raptors, a female Montagues Harrier and another Black Winged Kite phtos, we have loads more of this amazing falcon!

The main stars of the show, a Woodcock Orchid above and a thingy orchid below, ive forgot its name! Tell you tomorrow!