Friday, 19 April 2013

Bird News Friday plus a little something for the weekend!

 Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for these 3 photos of the Black Necked Grebe. Ronald took these using his full scuba gear topped off with a Plastic Duck on his head.

Bird News Thursday:
In Co.Londonderry: A juv White Tailed Sea Eagle was at Lough Beg (Paul Lyness)
There was no sign of the Alpine Swift at Castlerock

In Co.Down: At the RSPB Reserve in Belfast an adult Yellow Legged Gull, 2nd winter Ring Billed Gull and Little Gull were seen.(Ronald Surgenor)

A Common Redstart was at St Johns Point (Tim Murphy)

 Ken Clegg has been in Hospital for the past 3 months with Biscuit Poisioning.

Thanks to Ken for the 3 photos, Kingfisher, Marsh Harrier and Crane

Purple Gallinule and Marsh Harrier both pictures were not taken at the Qouile Pondage

No European rubbish today, Glaucous Gull speciel!
Nobirds McGarry Watch: Lots today going on with the Nobirds. Still stealing our sightings, we expect nothing less from the clever team. Flapline made us laugh yesterday with the 3 Waxwings at Sainsburys, apparently their Nectar Cards were out of date! And 2 Mink photos on their blog!! Just what the hell is going on. Im pretty certain Mink is not a bird, in fact i would swear it isnt, i think i will have to tell those McGarry boys.

Black Winged Kite, the star bird of the Algarve!

Yellow Bee Orchid, what a stunner
The rather naughty looking Naked Man Orchid!
Another pretty in pink flower!