Friday, 30 August 2013

Its still there

The juvenile Wilsons Phalarope is still at the RSPB Reserve this morning (Undercover Elephant and "throw that Shark Back!")

NIBirding Friday 30th August

Yesterday a juvenile Black Tern was on Big Copeland and a Short Eared Owl on Mew Island. An Arctic Skua was seen on 28th (Kerry Leonard et al)
A juvenile Mediterranean Gull and 9 Ruff were at Reedy Flat

Thanks to Ian Dickey for these Phalarope photos. We think Ian should throw his camera in the skip and get a job. Ian hasnt worked in nearly 25 years and i for one am fed up with him spongeing off the state. I pay my taxes and what do i get, average Phalarope photos (and one Ruff!) Its a dicgrace i am writing to my MP. (whoever he is, probably wee Jeffrey Daniel O'Donnell)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Wilsons Phalarope update

The juvenile Wilsons Phalarope is still at the RSPB Reserve this morning (Undercover Elephant!)

Wilsons Phalarope photos

 Thanks to Stephen Maxwell for the above photo and to Ian Dickey for the photos below. This is remarkably the 11th Wilsons Phalarope to be found around Belfast. Andrew says the new report he is working on will explain more, cant wait!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


A WILSONS PHALAROPE is at the RSPB Reserve in Belfast (Chris Sturgeon, Stuarty McKee et al)

NIBiridng Wednesday 28th August

 Thanks to Ian Dickey for the Common Sandpier and Sparrowhawk photos and to Christine Cassidy for the rest a collection from the North West. Back to Citrine Wagtail photos tomorrow!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

NIBirding Tuesday 27th August

Last night this Yellow Legged Gull was at Ardmore Point.
An Arctic Skua and 25 Common Scoter and 300 Mackeral were Dundrum Inner Bay

Monday, 26 August 2013

NIBirding Monday 26th August

It was a pretty disastrous weekend all round, 2 Osprey at Lough Beg and 2 Hobby remain in Co.Armagh, one of them at Brackagh Moss (Ian Wray et al)
So here are a few photos of a Citrine Wagtail from Wexford

 Thanks to Ken Clegg for these superb Kingfisher photos. They are in Kens garden and he doesnt use a hide, just takes them through his window, now that is flash!

 And finally thanks to Stephen Maxwell for these fluer photos!

Friday, 23 August 2013


This morning (Friday) a Green Sandpiper was at Lady Bay Lough Neagh.
Yesterday an Osprey and Green Sandpiper were again at Lough Beg and the Green Sandpiper remains at Glenanne.
Nobirds have reported an Alpine Swift (we are not even going to highlight this sighting) at Lisburn (it was flying very fast apparently and left the are, absolutely brilliant another Nobirds classic!) If you reported a flying Emu past Ramore Head they would put it on!

 Thanks to Ian Dickey for this selection, you wouldnt think Ian holds down two full time jobs and a paper round but somehow he manages them and takes a few snaps

Thursday, 22 August 2013

NIBirding Thursday 22n August

Bird News.
Spotted Redshank, Green Sandpiper and Ruff Belfast Lough RSPB Reserve and another Ruff at Kinnegar Pool (Gerrard McGeehan / Ronald Surgenor)
Another Green Sandpiper at Shaws Lake, Glennane Co.Armagh (Clifford Sharpe)
What we need is a new Bird Report, Andrew has plenty of time on his hands maybe he could knock us one up?
Thanks to Ian Dickey for the 3 bird photos and to Christine Cassidy, for the Red Squirrel and Butterflys