Thursday, 31 October 2013

NIBirding Thursday 31st October

See the Naughty Nobirders are at it again BIG STYLE! Still banging on about the Scrawny Owl and not using the words presumed escape!! So it must be wild!! I have heard by the birdy hotline that they will make an announcement on it shortly, along with the Baikal Teal, Brown Flycatcher, Booted Eagle etc etc! Go Team Nobirds!

Thanks to Mervyn Campbell for this selction from Portrush. Mervyn has researched his family tree recently (mainly to get confirmation that there were no McGarrys in his family history) and found out that he is the fourth cousin, twice removed, great uncle from way back to Geoff Campbell, how lucky is that!!. Mervyn also confirmed that there were no witches in his lineage, they were virtually all Maxwells!