Wednesday, 9 October 2013

NIBirding Wednesday 9th October

Two Lapland Buntings were on Rathlin Island yesterday according to Nobirds who say they were found by Rathlin Island, how lucky is that! Nice one!
But i am still laughing from the Belfast Telegraph article yesterday on the Crane at Myroe. Some of the noncense the Nobirds "expert" came out with was classic and they didnt even mention the guy who found it. Naughty Naughty guys but boy it gave us all a tonic, common courtesy to say who found it in first place. The RSPB spokesperson didnt cover herself in glory either who said she has never heard a Crane? First rule of talking to the Press-dont pretend to be an expert if your not.Take note Nobirds / RSPB!
Thanks to Ian Dickey for a selection of all action photos, there is quiet discontent that Ian may have regressed and slipped back into useing his stuffed bird collection again! Check the diver photo below, its stuffed surely?

Selection of Arctic Skua photos.